Magpie Paradise

This Blog is about and for my CafePress Shop Magpie Paradise. I'll try and keep you posted on new designs as they're added and some information about them and about the Shop in general. Have fun and enjoy! Any and all feedback or comments are welcome.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Just a quick update!

We're still learning our way around CafePress and haven't sold anything. I guess that's to be expected when we don't have much there yet. I'm having trouble since I still don't know that much about HTML so I'm going to have to learn. I plan on uploading some photos of my own and try to play with them on PhotoShop and see what I can come up with. We do have some wonderful pictures since we have a great 35 mm camera that does take beautiful pictures and we have quite a few that I would love to work with. So hopefully soon I can have something in the Shop soon. I'm also having some problems just getting the shop layout in properly so I'm going to the CafePress Forum and ask for some help in that area. I'm not usually the type to ask for help so I'll have to get over that stumbling block! There are alot of good Lens' at Squidoo to help with CafePress and I've been checking them out also since I've been unemployed for 4 weeks now. Keep checking back and I'll try to update more often. Jamie

Monday, May 21, 2007

The First Post to Magpie Paradise Blog

Hello, my name is Jamie Carver and I'm a Shopkeeper on I've started this blog to tell you about myself, my Shop, and why the Shop is set up the way it is. I'm a Christian wife, mother of 3, grandmother to 4, active community member, have a full time job and a business online. So why would I want to start a CafePress Shop? My husband is disabled and even with my full time job it's still hard to make ends meet. That's why I started the online job which is actually a small home business but I have only been applying myself online because of time. We feel like our quality of life is fine and are satisfied with what the Lord has given us. It's the giving back that we don't always feel we're participating in and when I first found Squidoo I thought that would help since they give part of their affiliates program to a charity of your choice. That is if someone clicks the links. So far I don't think I have made a dime for anyone. I had seen the CafePress Module when I first started and later signed up but until I got laid off from work I didn't press on with it. I wanted to get some Christian inspired, motivational, messages out there that anyone could use or wear and feel good about. When it came to narrowing down to what category I ended up choosing Christian but I have changed it to a more generic preference. Let's face it's, people don't look under Christian to buy much. I only have 6 designs uploaded now and CafePress is being contrary and I can't get the designs uploaded to a module on Squidoo. Please sign up for my newsletter and see what is new and upcoming from CafePress and Magpie Paradise and I'll try my best to keep it and this post updated with designs and content. Any ideas feel free to comment or give feedback. Till next time God bless, Jamie